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Shortest Way To Post Christmas Clean Up

Ho ho there can’t be anything worse for those poor souls returning to the office after the Christmas break than to find the remnants of the pre Christmas party still lying about the office.  Those half munched sandwiches now showing signs of another life form living on them . . . .   The not quite finished packets of crisps, cheesy wotsits and other disgusting smelling crunchy matter, now spread liberally over the once smart Axminster carpet.  Where to start – yes, that eternal question.  Well, grabbing and putting on household rubber gloves, take 2  black bin bags, label one Crap & the other Recycle.   Starting at one corner of the office, carry out a swift but thorough sweep from left to right, emptying absolutely every scrap of food and non recyclable stuff in one bag and all stuff for recycling in the other.  The dustbins outside the office should have labels on to show when Christmas emptying rules apply and if there are any changes to be noted.  Once all the loose crap has gone, if its a small office, put all chairs on desks or if a large office, do one section at a time.  Once chairs up – give the carpet a really long hard vacuum, utiliseing the tools to get into crevises and awkward corners.

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