New Streams Of Cleaning Services

Whenever I hear the word ‘cleaner’ I  think of the old fashioned Mrs Mop – images of an apron clad lady of a certain age entering Civil Service offices and uttering the immortal words “Can I do you now Sir? …..”    Things have moved on from that basic lick and a promise kind of bin emptying.  Today’s environmental cleaning operation includes WEE waste disposal; clearing up after fly tipping – this is now a very major blight on our landscape due to the cuts in council spending.  They don’t open their tidy tips enough, so the inconsiderate and vile slobs in this world feel it’s ok for them to dump all their garbage out in the countryside.  It actually costs councils more to clear up fly tipping than to run the tips themselves properly.  However, There is also Confidential Document Shredding – this is also very big business and has to be carried out to a very high degree of confidentiality.

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