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Memorials In Hall Memorable For Wrong Reason

I belong to a couple of local socially minded groups – under employed old biddies would be a the general description, unfortunately.   We do the usual thing – meetings with speakers, the odd outing, fund raising and celebratory functions in what passes for the village hall etc.  It’s this venue that gets me rather hot under the collar.    Many times we have hired the hall to find the kitchen is too filthy we need to scrub out before food preparation.  The bins are always full where no one has emptied from a preious function.  We suggested that before they set their rates for this coming season, the committee take a good look at their responsibilities and hire a commercial cleaning agency to really scrub out the hall and facilities.  The washing up facilitiesd are minimal – so we asked for them to install one of those quick wash glass and crockery machines.  This would ease the hirers of one grim task.  It needs more than just a broom and dust pan and brush when people are hiring the hall for any event.  The tables need maintenance and a thorough clean.  the soap and paper towel dispensers need filling up and keeping clean.  These tasks are only minimal but they would make a celebration in the village hall so much more worthy more inviting!

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