Commercial cleaning, Domestic cleaningKeeping Up With Post Pandemic Cleaning Needs

Keeping Up With Post Pandemic Cleaning Needs

Since the pandemic started to cause such chaos in our every day lives, ther has been a great change in the way that pubs and restaurants operate.  They still have to keep less tables available so there’s more space between customers and the serving staff have to be careful not to touch too many dishes before serving etc.  The washrooms and toilet facilities have to be wiped down very regularly too.   This must be creating another nightmare for environmentalists further down the line with all these premises opting to use anti-bacterial wipes by the thousand.  Commercial cleaning companies have different products which clean very efficiently.  Ordinary shop bought wipes do the job but do not compost down – they stay as wipes in landfill for ever and ever.   At home I very rarely use them, except when my very white venetian blinds need cleaning – they are by far the best product to clean each narrow slide funnily enough.   The rest of my domestic cleaning is carried out with thick paper cloths designed for cleaning and disposal in the main waste system.

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