Keeping Tabs On Messy Christmas Fun

The Christmas and New Year period is fast approaching.  This is always full of excitement, food, games, children, mess, mess, more mess.   The way to keep things under some kind of control is to ensure there are plenty of rubbish bins in each family room.  Ask every one to put their rubbish in the bins every time.  Not just on the main day – all the time leading up to it too.   Keep general magazines and toys ou of the main sitting room and just keep that tidy and ready for visitors to drop by – which they do with no notice sometimes.  Have a really good go at cleaning around the lounge areas – take all rubbish out regularly and ask family to take their gifts up to their rooms often so as not to clog up the floor space.  If any food or drink gets spilled, mop it up immediately so it doesn’t get ground into the carpet or suite.  Taking a lightly dampened cloth to all surfaces before retiring at night will ensure you come down to a neat and welcoming family space ready to face another hectic festive day!

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