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How To Clean Quickly But Efficiently

The secret to keeping an effortlessly tidy house is to eliminate things that get in the way in the first place.  For example, don’t wear nail polish;  steer clear of keeping a pet;  don’t polish floors if you can seal them;  get family to pop a small amount of washing up liquid in their bath – unless they’re allergic.  Don’t lay out a table cloth and napkins – just table mats with paper napkins are fine.  Duvets on all beds instead of sheets and blankets.  Encourage everyone from – from babies up to roll the duvet back as they get out of bed and to smooth out the bottom sheet, plump up pillows and unfold the duvet – thus making the bed look tidy, before they leave the room.   Encourage children from babies, to pick up their toys and put them away as part of the bedtime routine.  Making life simpler for the parent helps keep a clean & calm household.

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