Serviced officesCommercial Cleaners Bring Beefed Up Gear

Commercial Cleaners Bring Beefed Up Gear

Getting the cleaning right in any office or other commercial area can be a very time consuming task.  In the old days when offices tended to be one of two versions – the very small family firm with the bosse’s wife often popping in to help, and then the massive civil service type of affair with hundreds of folk milling about in corridors and toilet blocks.   These days with unions being so very hot on evryone only carrying out their specific job, there is no need for anyone to feel obliged to give a hand with the hygiene concerns.  A proper janitorial agency is contracted to send staff in to deal with washrooms and kitchenettes.  The offices hav different staff to clean out the bins, dust the desks and hoover the carpets.  It is better for everyone who works in an office block if the cleaning is done every day.  Bins needs emptying and the washrooms become unbearably filthy otherwise.   The contractors bring their own equpment – beefed up vacuum cleaners and vastly superioe cleaning sprays.  Essential for doing a heavy load every day!

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