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Cleaning Routines Should Be Second Nature Now

As companies are now starting to come back to their offices on a more steady basis, there’s the massive matter of cleaning to be encountered.  Before covid hit us in the belly, we would have an agency supply cleaning staff on a daily basis.  They’d empty the waste bins and swab round the kitchen and washrooms.  Maybe the firm was large enough to need towels to be delivered, be that paper or linen rollers.  Electric hot hair dryers offer the safest hygiene but not everyone likes them.   There has always been a disposal problem over used paper towels – they cannot be recycled and now there are robust rules on how to deal with all waste.   Colleagues can help themselves too by ensuring they wash their hands before and after using the facilities.  There must be wipes left in each cubicle so the  user or janitorial staff can sterilise around as often as possible.  Not touching door handles or flush systems with bare hands can be dealt with by using a paper towel.   Wiping down the basins and soap dispenser after use is essential too.   So many things need that extra little bit of care that should by now be second nature!

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