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Cleaning Agency Needed For Hall Survival

I help out with social events at a local village hall – it’s the grimmest place I’ve ever seen.  In fact it has so few facilities that we end up taking everything ready made, our own kettles and washing up goods.   There used to be an efficient little wall mounted water boiler at one time but it was removed after an H&S inspection.    The worst part of this hall is that the paid care-taker is extremely lazy and doesn’t ever clean it – but no one has the guts to point this  out.  The floors were so sticky and dirty recently that I went in with my own broom and cleaning goods to try and get the worst off before car loads of guests came to a 50th birthday party.  There were grumbles from some folk still – I just had not had time to see to the grubby washrooms too.   I threatened to leave the group unless they either found another venue or rounded on the hall committee to get another caretaker.  I sense this is a fruitless exercise so I’ve got quotations from three cleaning agencies to go in and do a major clean up.  They all quoted a similar price.  The committee need to take one up before they lose all their future bookings.

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