Commercial cleaning, Serviced officesChanges In Office Practice Helps Hygiene Efficiency

Changes In Office Practice Helps Hygiene Efficiency

Now that more companies are asking staff to return to their offices for at least part of their working week, the need to keep their commercial premises really clean and appropriately sanitised for the staff has become more of an issue.  The dear old Mrs Mop of old is not generally up to the rigours of the serious hygiene needs nowadays.  I remember well the somewhat cursory flick around the dirty ashtrays with a duster after the dogends had been tossed in the bin.  The better cleaners used to actually wash the ashtrays as well.  It’s also no good just dusting down desk tops – they need sanitising with proper anti virus sprays – keyboards and screens now need special products.  Office discipline also needs to be employed – stopping colleagues using someone else’s keyboard, desk phone, desk drawer etc.  These matters were never an issue before the pandemic but although not part of the cleaning requirement, the implementation of common sense will ensure that the janitorial services are as effective as they can be.

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