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The Differences Between Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Operations

Tara December 21, 2023 Commercial cleaning, Domestic cleaning

Many folk may think that cleaning business premises is just like cleaning a home – after all, dust an dirt is much the same, wherever?   Let’s take the obvious points first.  Cleaning an average three bedroomed house with one lounge, dining room, family room and kitchen etc is vastly different from a space point of […]

Serviced Offices Offer The Right Look For Business

Tara September 22, 2023 Janitorial, Serviced offices

When we talk about serviced offices, certaily here in the UK, we are meaning fully furnished workspaces.  These will generally include building management services and other facilities such as printing and copying;  wash rooms with full janitorial team so that visitors are able to attend meetings and the host will know that they will be […]

Limescale Remover Essential for Basic Cleaning

Tara April 9, 2023 Commercial cleaning, Domestic cleaning, Janitorial, Serviced offices

Ever since we had a change of kitchen a few months agao, there has been a distinct problem with the hot water supply to the kitchen tap.  We’ve tackled the kitchen suppliers in case it’s something to do with the tap supplied;  we’ve tried asking the installer why the once gushing hot water has been […]

How To Get The Cleaning Job Done Quickly

Tara October 4, 2022 Commercial cleaning, Domestic cleaning, Janitorial, Serviced offices

There is such a difference between commercial and domestic cleaning.  Somehow the commercial cleaner whizzes through their tasks  in a fraction of the time that it takes a humble household Mrs Mop.   I have been in a house when their visiting housekeeper was going about her tasks and uit was fascinating.  I was never that […]

Airport Washrooms – A Nightmare To Clean

Tara July 8, 2022 Commercial cleaning, Domestic cleaning, Janitorial

There’s one thing about travelling about from country to country – the use of airports and their wash room facilities.  It doesn’t matter which country we’re in, the toilet blocks are always kept really clean and tidy.   Many thousands of people use these facilities daily  –  last time I was at an international aiport in […]

Office Not Fully Services Need Professional Cleaners

Tara March 21, 2022 Commercial cleaning, Domestic cleaning, Janitorial, Serviced offices

One of the most pressing things about running an office is keeping it clean and tidy for the visitors and clients.  If you are only a small concern, it may be possible to link in with others in your office block or house.  To engage the services of a professional office cleaning agency is essential […]

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