A Few Kitchen Hygiene Hints

It’s easy to get bogged down in the every day ‘get up, eat, clear up, eat, clear up, repeat’.  We tend to do things by rote and not always thinking whether an action is useful or necessary for that matter.  After the year we’ve all just endured of not having the freedom to go out to where we want there are some very basic things we can do to help our own domestic hygiene levels.  Firstly, putting as much washing up in the dishwasher, rinsing the crockery under the tap to remove as much loose mucky stuff first.  This clears the workspace and there’s no doubt that manual dishwashing is not as effective.    Also any dish cloths and sponge cleaners be put in the micowave oven for a minute or two twice a day.  This kills off a lot of germs.  Also keeping the work surfaces clutter free in the food preparation areas.  A good wipe down after every job and bleaching of the cuttingboards is essential.

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